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School Counseling
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          GOAL Academy


Mission Statement:

The Counseling Program at GOAL Academy is a multi-dimensional program.  Serving as student advocates, all efforts are made from that frame of reference.  We aim to provide a safe, healthy environment using a holistic approach; to build a unified system for all students that fosters equity and values diversity.  Develop a character education program which will foster such qualities as respect, integrity, dependability, and responsibility.  The counseling department supports the academic program, preparing them for life skills, jobs, college and for an ever-changing world.  Develop a long-range plan with clear and open lines of communication involving students, teachers, parents, and the community at large; a balance of emphases on activities of the mind, body, and spirit, encouraging students to grow into healthy, caring, and honorable adults, equipped to be leaders for the public good.


  • Meet and register all incoming students (schedule appointments, contact previous school, create plans for students, create schedule, contact teachers, distribute enrolling grades, enter transcript when appropriate
  • Prepare for registration process
  • Meet individually with students to register for classes for upcoming year
  • Assist in entering course selections into computer
  • Schedule and conduct Parent Meetings
  • Communicate Placement results to parents, teachers, and students
  • Make necessary schedule changes throughout the year
  • Collaborate with Counseling Professionals regarding necessary changes in forms used in guidance office as it relates to registration and scheduling
  • Collaborate with Walker Valley High School and Bradley Central High School regarding GOAL students enrolling or withdrawing from WVHS or BCHS
  • GED+2 Program
  • School-to-Work Program
  • Maintain student records
  • Withdraw students and track them
  • Collaborates with Special Education Department in placement of students
  • Coordinate standardized testing
  • Keeps personal log of daily activities
  • Maintain student ACT scores
  • Create Honor Roll and send to Cleveland Daily Banner for publication
  • Finalize transcripts and send to Colleges

Academic Needs

  • Schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences and facilitate them
  • Academic counseling for students experiencing lack of motivation or difficulty
  • Provide test anxiety intervention
  • Monitor students' graduation requirements and progress
  • Review, update, create new plans
  • Work with students regarding organizational skills
  • Teach ADD students new strategies to utilize strengths better and understand ADD
  • Work in partnership with Special Services
  • Participate in IEP Meetings
  • Attends parent-teacher conferences
  • Conducts emergency progress reports
  • Meet individually with students At-Risk and develop academic plan
  • Credit Recovery              


  • Plan, coordinate, test supervisor for all standardized testing
  • Maintain accurate records for students needing to complete Gateway exams
  • Plan, coordinate, test supervisor for Writing Assessment
  • Plan, coordinate, test supervisor for PLAN pre ACT test  and ACT
  • Conduct ACT Prep for students
  • Meet with parents to interpret and discuss test results

Personal/Social Needs

  • College Advisement
  • Individual counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Assist in the transition to & from GOAL Academy
  • Assist in the transition from high school to college
  • Support Groups
  • "Drive-by" counseling
  • Scholarships: Find, promote (classroom meetings, website, etc) and letters of recommendations
  • Graduation
  • Identify students not graduating & graduating

Career Development

  •   Review PLAN test with students
  •   Career Advisement
  •   College Advisement
  •   Coordinate Youth Leadership program (i.e Chamber of Commerce)
  •   Develop educational plans and revise annually
  •   Conduct interest inventory with students


  • Classroom/ Student observation
  • Assists Administration
  • Collaborate with Career Tech
  • Collaborate with Community Agencies
  • Maintain Guidance Website (if applicable)
  • Coordinate parent meetings
  • Attend parent/ teacher meetings throughout school year
  • Build report with administration, teachers, parents and students
  • Coordinate guest speakers

Non-Guidance/ Administrative

  • Special request development
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Assist with Master Schedule
  • Lunch duty & morning duty