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Food Service

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Students will be served breakfast and lunch each day. Lunch will be prepared at Ocoee Middle School and transported to our campus for our students.  Students will have the same access to these meals as they did at their home school, meaning those on free meals will receive their meals free, those on reduced meals will pay the reduced price.  All other students will be expected to pay for their meals.  Students may bring lunch from home, but must bring something to drink also because students do not have access to a drink dispensing machine.  Lunches brought from home must not need to be refrigerated or heated because students do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave oven.  Lunches brought from home need to be clearly marked with the student's name because they will not be allowed to take their lunches to the classroom because of the computers in the classrooms.  All lunches brought from home will be taken up during Homeroom in the cafeteria and distributed to the students at their lunch time.

The prices are listed below:


  • $.30     reduced
  • $1.25   full price
  • $1.50   staff
  • $2.00   visitors


  • $.40    reduced
  • $2.25  full price
  • $3.00  staff
  • $3.75  visitors