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  Class Schedule  


Grades will be issued to students based on the State-approved grading scale below:

                        A         93-100

                        B         85-92

                        C         75-84

                        D         70-74

                        F          below 69


Students will receive credit for each course completed successfully.  The State of Tennessee requires that students complete the following courses to earn a regular high school diploma:

      English 9, 10, 11 & 12                                    4 credits

      Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II,

                  and Bridge Math                               4 credits

      Biology and 2 other science classes

                  with at least 1 biological and

                  1 physical                                        3 credits

      American History                                           1 credit

      World History or World Geography                   1 credit

      Government/Economics                                  1 credit

      Wellness                                                      1 credit

      PE                                                               1/2 credit

      Personnel Finance                                         1/2 credit

      Electives                                                       6 credits

      Foreign Language                                         1 credit or WAIVER

      Three of the above electives must come from a single focus area.

Students must also pass the State-required Gateway testing in English 10, Biology I, and Algebra I to earn a regular high school diploma.


The following is a statement issued by the State of Tennessee regarding graduation testing:

•·         Students who originally entered high school prior to or during the 2000-2001 school year that return for a high school diploma, and have not passed Competency math and/or language, must pass the corresponding TCAP Mathematics and/or Language Arts assessment.  If these students have passed the assessment for graduation, but take a related Gateway course to complete coursework, they must take the corresponding test as an End of Course assessment.

•·         Students transferring into the public school system either from out-of-state or in-state (private or home school) must satisfy the TCAP/EOC requirements.  (Credit in one or more of the EOC subjects does not satisfy this requirement.)