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Important Tips for Seniors
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Sunday, January 01, 2017
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Important Tips for Seniors

•  Prepare for the ACT

•· If you have never taken the ACT and are a 12th grader, you may be eligible for a free voucher.

•· Take it early for practice (this gives you a baseline to improve from)

•· See where you need the help the most

•· Be mindful of registration dates and deadlines


•· (practice tests for many kinds of tests)

•  Start Thinking About Scholarships


•· Ask employers

•· Look into college institutional scholarships

•· Find out what the qualifications are for different grants

•  Get Educated on the FAFSA


•· Fill out "practice FAFSA" for estimate (

•  Visit

•· Other checklists for this summer and senior year

•· Great resource (not on website list)

Visit a college campus

Seniors are allowed 2 excused absences to visit a college campus of their choice.  They must bring back a signed brochure or business card, and a 1 page report of what they experienced and learned on their visit to be counted as excused.


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